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IUPUI Emergency Fund

We're in this together

We are facing the most devastating public health crisis since the Spanish flu a century ago. During this time, many students have reached out to members of the administration expressing financial trouble due to the COVID-19 crisis. Options have been provided for each of these students, but we have nearly 30,000 students.

As we move deeper into this crisis, students will run out of options. They are losing their jobs, and now many also face unexpected financial hardships and need assistance with basics like food and housing.

Of freshman are eligible for Pell Grants and come from low-income families
Of freshmen are first-generation college students
Over 33%
Of students work to support themselves

Here's how you can help

President McRobbie recently highlighted the Indiana University Student Emergency Assistance Fund as a way to help students in need during these difficult times.

The IUPUI Student Emergency Relief Fund also provides critical support to students who are facing financial hardship, including difficulties that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Processes already in place will ensure that funds flow rapidly to students in urgent need, especially in areas such as food and shelter, and we will stretch our resources as far as we can to help as many students as possible.

If you can help, please consider donating whatever you are able to provide as emergency support in one of the following ways:

Immediate donation

Visit the IU Foundation's page to make a donation via credit card.

Give now

Payroll deduction

Make a gift by automatic IU payroll deduction.

Enroll now

You are making a difference

Your donation can help our students continue their education and make it through this crisis. Thank you for your consideration and for all you do for our campuses. Stay well, and be safe.

Students in need

If you are an IUPUI student experiencing financial distress due to COVID-19, please contact IUPUI Student Central to apply for emergency aid.